Consciousness and Memory (was:Re: Extropy and Life (I))

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Wed, 20 Aug 1997 18:10:30 +0000

On 19 Aug 97 at 17:44, Tony B. Csoka <> wrote
about Re: Extropy and Life (I):

> I think that consciousness is dependent on information storage, i.e.,
> *memory*. Without memory I don't think any localized concentration of
> matter and energy, however complex, would be conscious. it also need a way
> to differentaiate between itself and its environment.

Without thinking very deep, apparently such memory (if
really necessary to the existence of consciousness, don't know...)
could be simply a "RAM", to use just when locally processing...
Do not see the need of a permanent memory...except for
the firmware (like the "bios")... A conscious object can perfectly
exist without "remembering" past happenings ( I'm talking about a
*possible* form of conscious object, not necessarily considering
humanoids...) A question is : would it evolute? The answer is: if
mutation, f. ex., is possible...
Other question: would the consciousness minimum set (or kernel) be
just a set of data (including basic procedures) in our (or any
organism's) "firmware", or is it just a virtual characteristic
dependent of other functions, acting together?



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