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> >> 2. What conditions lead the same particles set to have extropic or
> >> extropic behaviour?
> The application of intelligent, directed behavior.
> >> 3. What conditions would reverse the extropic/entropic state of a set
> >> of particles (including aglomerate objects)?
> Ditto.
> >> 4. What were the extropic conditions that have generated life on
> >> Earth ?
> None. No intelligence was involved.
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1.I am thinking about extropy as a *physical* phenomena, a
possible state of a determined subset of the universe, still
independent of the existence of life, that would appear "after". So
it would be anterior, existencially speaking, to even the
"intelligence" effect... Nevertheless, are you speaking about
intelligence just when normally considered, as a characteristic of
already structured organisms, or are you using a more abrangent
definition of intelligence, like, f. ex., gravity, which exists under
certain physical conditions, independently and even before the
existence of life (as we usually conceive..)?

2. For me, there is no counciousness without life ? (Unless we
consider - and prove...- that counciousness is transtemporal...)



(I had to answer quickly, for while, because of my few time now...)

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