Films from books

Rick Knight (
Tue, 19 Aug 97 10:43:40 CST

Damien Broderick wrote regarding the film "Contact":

I haven't seen the movie, but I do know that directors like to cut &

Rick Knight responds:

Spielberg made a point in a recent interview of saying he felt totally
justified to reinterpret in a film from a book and his spin sounded
completely reasonable. Film and books are disparate mediums where the
images in one are thrust upon you and you conjur up your own as your
read through the text of a book. I, for one, have never been moved to
tears by a book but I know people who have and it's fascinating. On
the other hand, a well-done Hallmark card commercial can make me gush.

Damien? Haven't seen Contact? Has it not premiered down there yet?
By the way, ordered your book (my first trans-hemispheric transaction)
and looking forward to reading it. It's my hope to get a Singularity
spin into a screenplay that has the same impact that Contact has had.
I have another play that I'm in pre-prod on right now though.