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den Otter wrote:
"den Otter" Wrote:
> > Brent Allsop wrote:
> >
> > Suddenly, Jeff is involved in an instantaneous, life taking,
> > but not brain destroying accident.

> > Does a person intending to be cryonically preserved wear a
> > special identification indicating alternative action?
> Yes, usually they do (bracelet, pendant wallet card), although I suppose it
> could easily be overlooked or misinterpreted in the confusion of a (big)
> accident. Also, there is a very real possibility that people (including
> medical personnel) won't respect your choice, and refuse to perform the
> procedures.

Alcor provides a Bracelet or Pendant (you choose) and a wallet card. I
have augmented this with a money sized bright red folder saying "READ IN
EMERGENCY" with a fold out sheet inside detailing several scenarios from
death to mere arrest to be followed by whoever sees it.

About 80% of deaths are anticipated, and such patients do usually become
suspended. I don't have stats for the other situations. EMTs will follow
instructions provided 1) they are aware of them 2) said instructions do
not interfere with the EMT procedures and life saving mandates.

> Right now, imo only the ones in the US, and specifically in the LA region,
> hav> a remotely reasonable chance of being "rescued" in time

SF Bay Area has many cryonicists, and IMHO is also a reasonable place.
> The the development of a (there you have it!) *deathwatch*. You know, the
> device that's been discussed here before (or was it on CryoNet?)

Cryonet, about a year ago.

I've looked into this quite a lot. Basically the technology for this
will appear in about 2 years as part of the medical monitoring/telemetry
market which is currently the focus of a lot of R&D. The cryo folk are
such a minute market it is senseless to try commercial development
directly. I had lunch with a CEO of a wireless company at Extro-3, his
estimate of development costs was about $250K and 1-2 years. I agree.

Yes, it could be done as a labor of love, but the result would be kludgy
and requires the full dedication of someone indefinitely. Developing the
right sensor technology is a non-trivial problem!!!

Those seriously interested please email me and I will send you some
memos I wrote last year on this topic.

> It could be
> hours, maybe even days before someone finds you. Your poor brain must be
> mush by then, especially in the winter (!)

It happened already, two years ago. 6 days in summer heat made the brain
total soup, poured down the drain....

<list of features>

Yah. Let alone the silent "I'm being mugged" alert. Making it reliable,
ie few undetected situations and NO false alarms is a serious challenge.

> Getting rich, safe *and* better preserved...what more could you possibly
> want
> (ok, a lot).
So, are you signed up??

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