US-POL: Congressional Technology report card.

Alex Future Bokov (
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 03:36:22 -0400 (EDT)

Citizens Supporting Science Ratings of Congress' Technology Voting Record

Has your Representative or Senator been a good girl or boy as far
as science appropriations go? Have they been stifling biomedical research
by voting against fetal tissue experimentation again? Have they been
trying to shut down the Mir Station (again)? Now, you can find out,
because the CSS Congressional Ratings have arrived (with generous help
from Voter Information Services Inc.).
If you vote in the US, take a look at
(it loads much faster than the previous, home-grown ratings page) Let me
know if you find any factual or grammatical errors. An annotated list of
the Congressional votes researched to obtain these ratings will be
available by the end of this week.

Now, I know that many of us here don't care much for the Federal
Government, and with good reason. However, ignoring it is not the best
option. It exists (for the time being), and its mistakes affect our
future. If we're smart we're going to use the Fed (along with every other
tool at our disposal) to insure that the technological utopias we keep
talking about actually happen within our lifetimes.

--Sincerely, Alex F. Bokov

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