Rawlins/Prometheus/Beavis (fwd)

Steve Witham (sw@tiac.net)
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 20:59:37 -0400

>Hal Finey quotes Gregory J. E. Rawlins:
>>> [...] we're moths
>>> irresistibly attracted to the flame of technology.
>>> Prometheus, disguised as a scientist, has given us that
>>> flame. But fire also burns.

Simon Levy writes (& I'm forwarding --Steve):

>"FIRE! FIRE!" -- Beavis
>I think that the "-meth-" in "Prometheus" is the same as "math" -- i.e.,
>There was an alpha/eta alternation among Greek dialects, reflected e.g.,
>in the two different
>pronunciations of "Amen".
>-- Simon

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