Re: EXTRO-3 & Gender/Sex

Natasha V. More (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 15:27:46 -0500

At 11:33 AM 8/18/97 -0700, Robin Hanson wrote:

>If one has "obvious sexiness", then one is likely is demand.

Not necessarily. One might not *want* to be in demand. Being in demand
only means that the view is happy, not the author: such as being in demand
by sub-human criteria.

>And one can easily be very frustrated if unable to participate for
>whatever reason.

Ok. Individual choice. Although, perhaps the participation might be less
than it is cranked up to be.

>I agree here with Steve who said:
>>things like embarrassment, rejection, disease, alienation,
>>psychological warfare within couples ... If people talk about
>>variations on those things, I (e.g.) might overcome my squeemishness
>>and pay attention.

Sounds good. Keep talking.