Sexual Attractiveness

Rick Knight (
Mon, 18 Aug 97 10:41:46 CST

Paul Hughes:

You'd be suprised how many women would find many of you fellow male
extropians attractive. I recall several women remarking how cute
Anders Sandberg was based on the presentation of his lecture - not
that Anders is already a stud anyway. Many women today are just as
attracted to brain power as physical brawn - so don't give up hope!

Rick Knight adds:

Assuming that all the wistful extropian brains are heterosexual...<G>

I have always maintained that the computer literate and intelligent
male minds will be the "playboys" of the 21st century <G> (picture a
Dilbert centerfold, a la Burt Reynolds in Cosmo circa 1972). And with
a little luck, those very clever lads will also unlock the access for
more people to have those aesthetically-pleasing physiques so
currently popular in our culture. Of course, this could just be a
phase. Renaissance-style "rubenesque"-ness may come back into
popularity <G>. But hopefully, not powdered wigs...