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><< Another slight
> problem is that I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to get an infinite
> of matter, 3D or otherwise, to build all those processors, but I'm a big
> picture man, >>
>Has anyone heard of the zero point theory(?), it states that there is more
>energy than the whole universe contained within each cubic centimeter, within
>another dimension, and may be able to be tapped into, so that energy may be
>able to be converted to matter so thats where you can get unlimited matter
>from. What are we gonna do with all this energy/matter?

This is a good example of reasonable scientific theory being unjustifiably
twisted and modified to fit the preconcieved fantasy of someone who can not
tell the difference.

Zero point field (also commonly referred to as Quantum Vacuum, or QV)
theory is an interesting consequence of quantum mechanics, but is by no
means a source of "free energy". The zero point field is a pervasive and
essentially uniform radiation field with a Lorentz invariant spectrum.
Although, you can generate some interesting phenomena by manipulating this
field (currently our ability to do so is extremely limited), these always
seem to require adding energy to the system in some form or another.

Zero point field theory has *nothing* to do with "another dimension" in the
sense that you are most likely using it. The only potentially interesting
consequences that I am aware of is a possible explanation of inertial mass
and the gravitational force (which would not be a fundamental force in this

There are a few scientific and rigorous papers on the net regarding this,
but I do not have the URLs. On most search engines you'll have to wade
through a ton of garbage to find something good. "stochastic
electrodynamics" or "Lorentz invariant" are probably a good key phrases to
weed out most of the
free-energy and UFO crowd.

-James Rogers