Re: personality transmitters

Sunah Caroline Cherwin (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 19:29:35 -0700 (PDT)

>Brian D Williams wrote:
>> I particularly liked the idea of the device buzzing within a
>> certain range of another device, just like on "Highlander" when
>> two immortals are near.
>> The more I thought about this the more I liked the idea, so I've
>> come up with the idea of "Personality Transmitters".
>Anders Sandberg wrote:
>> Nice idea! It could probably be implemented *today* using smart
>> badges (like the ones Olivetti produces). Maybe one could cycle
>> through a list of codes (first the transhumanist code, then the
>> roleplayer code and so on).
Ha-ha! If people start wearing 'smart-badges' to transmit what they want
people to know about them some of the first transmissions I expect to
recieve will be 'ask me about cheap phone service' and 'Imagine! I'm still
single.' Followed shortly by badges transmitting spam warnings about phony

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