Re: personality transmitters (was deathwatch)

Ka-Ping Yee (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 19:20:58 -0700

Brian D Williams wrote:
> I particularly liked the idea of the device buzzing within a
> certain range of another device, just like on "Highlander" when
> two immortals are near.
> The more I thought about this the more I liked the idea, so I've
> come up with the idea of "Personality Transmitters".

Anders Sandberg wrote:
> Nice idea! It could probably be implemented *today* using smart
> badges (like the ones Olivetti produces). Maybe one could cycle
> through a list of codes (first the transhumanist code, then the
> roleplayer code and so on).

Actually, most of us already use personality transmitters, although
they may be more subtle. Each person's clothing and mannerisms
display their interests to a varying degree. Anders "broadcasts"
the "transhumanist code" clearly when he wears his ">H" button. :)

(I want one of those!)