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To Obey

Chapter 1 "Hounded Into Submission 16 year old Cindy for your pleasure"

"Ok Melissa, pull up your slip and show Paul your pussy."

The command, given to pretty sixteen year old Melissa Andrews by her father Dave, was
not one a girl her age would normally expect to hear. But then Dave was not exactly a
normal father. For him the most important trait in a female, especially a young daughter,
was obedience. Absolute. Unquestioning. Immediate. Failure to give it earned punishment.

The punishments Melissa and her eighteen year old sister Sharon had received while
growing up had been bad enough. Neither could remember a time when they weren't
constantly being ordered to bend over and bare for the cane, paddle, or strap. Then last
summer he'd sent them away to the notorious Hackmoore Girl's Disciplinary Academy for
even harsher training. It had been a three month nightmare of pain and sexual abuse, all
requested by, approved, and carefully photo-documented for their father's benefit.

And now here he was trying to talk his best friend Paul Winslow into sending HIS
daughter Cindy off to the very same school, supposedly to cure her "stubborn willfulness".
And to better make his point he intended to use poor Melissa as an example.

The three of them were in the living-room of Dave's house. The two men were seated on
the couch. Melissa was standing in front of them. She'd been ordered to dress in her
"discipline slip" for the occasion. It was a plain white satin slip, slit down the back and tied
closed with ribbons. Additional ribbons formed the straps over the shoulders. This
allowed the garment to be removed easily over bound hands and feet.

"Quickly now. Don't embarrass me in front of Paul." her father commanded.

Blushing deeply, Melissa raised the hem of her slip a scant couple of inches. The way her
lithe young thighs were pressed together all Paul could see was the very top of her cleft,
but even that was enough to make his cock throb suddenly to life. Like Dave he was into
harsh discipline and had a thing for pretty teenage girls. He'd often admired Dave's two
young daughters, but until now he'd never imagined his friend would actually make them
show off their sexual charms to him. He hoped he wasn't dreaming.

Dave was not impressed by Melissa's efforts. "You can do better than that," he snapped
in disgust. "Show it right!"

Melissa gulped. Her father's tone of voice was unmistakable. Behave or get punished. She
immediately jerked the him up to her waist and spread her legs wide. Her blush this time
was a bright scarlet. Dave was the first to break the long, admiring silence that followed.
He winked at Paul, a message to play along. "Well, what do you think?"

Paul response was carefully casual. "Very pretty. I like the way the pink inner lips peek
out around the edges of her slit. Her clit also stands out nicely. If I were you I'd make her
keep it shaved off like it is now.

Dave nodded thoughtfully. "Thanks for the suggestion. I will."

They continued to look for another couple of minutes before Dave asked, "Ready for the
flip side?" Paul managed to tear his eyes away long enough to reply, "Sure!"

"Ok Melissa. Turn slowly, and keep your legs spread this time! That's it. All the way
around. Ok, stop. Now pull that slip up under your arms and bend over. No, all the way
down. Hands on the floor. Feet a little wider. Wider damnit! That's better. Now arch your
spine, stick out your ass, and hold it. That's fine."

This time Paul's dick wanted to rip right up out of his pants. Never had he seen a girl so
fully exposed. Her pert little round buns yawed wide open, the cleft between them
reduced to a shallow grove. Her bare sex gaped helplessly, its every inner secret fully
revealed to his lustful gaze. If she opened her mouth he was sure he could see daylight.
"Not bad, hunh," Dave asked with just a bit of fatherly pride. "Imagine having Cindy
trained to do this."

Paul cleared his throat, which for some reason had gone suddenly dry. "Uh... yeah. Not
bad at all." He leaned forward for a closer look. "That sure is a tiny little cunthole. She
must be real tight."

Dave grinned. "As a cat's ass. But that ain't nothing compared to her butt. Virgin tight and
tender as hell. After what happened to her at that school she hates even having it

Paul looked puzzled. "Oh? What was that?"

Dave's reply was a little embarrassed. "Well, actually it's kind of my fault. The people at
the school have this special treatment that's supposed to tone up the ass muscles. You
know, make 'em nice and firm so they don't get stretched out of shape. It's a kind of chair
with a little metal prong about the size of your thumb sticking up from the seat. They run a
current through it to make the muscles clench. Kind'a painful, especially if it goes on for
very long. Anyway, when I filled out the forms I checked the box for "maximum". I didn't
know that meant they'd spend a whole day on that prong, getting the shit shocked out of

"Oh." It was all Paul could think of to say.

Paul was so busy admiring the view that he hardly noticed when Dave got up and walked
out of the room. When he returned he was leading a very large Great Dane on a leash. It
was Butch, the family pet. "Okay," he said with a flourish, "time to demonstrate sexual
responsiveness." He turned to his young daughter. "On your hands and knees kid,
forehead to the floor, and spread 'em wide."

Melissa took one look at the huge dog and panicked. She fell to her knees. "Oh no
Daddy! Please don't make me do it! Not the dog! Not in front of Mr. Winslow!

Dave's face darkened. "You have just earned yourself one whipping for disobedience, and
one extra one for misbehaving in front of a guest. Both will be QUITE severe. Now get it
up here!"

With a sob of despair Melissa did as she was told. Head down and ass up, her knees
spread wide, her shaved sex gaped in open invitation. Dave unhooked the dogs leash and
said, "Go boy!"

The hound bounded over the girl in two steps. He apparently had done this before
because he went immediately to her plump cleft and started lapping. Dave returned to the
couch to watch the show.

"I think it's interesting to note that Melissa would rather die than show sexual response to
a dog," Dave commented casually. "Especially in front of another man. She'll do
everything in her power to resist the sensations. She will of course be unable to, thanks to
all those special female hormones and stimulants the school treated her with. She has less
control now over her orgasm than she has over breathing. But she'll still try."

Dave was right. Poor little Melissa never had a chance. First her fists clenched. Then her
hips began to wriggle. She bit her lip to try to stifle the moans. The dog was winning.
Finally when she knew all was lost she buried her face in her hands and let the spasms
take her, her hips thrusting helplessly against the probing tongue. It went on for a long

"Damn it Melissa! Back into position!" Dave snapped. "I didn't say you could get up."

Melissa's tear streaked face turned toward her father. "B... but..."

"That makes three whippings you've got coming," Dave hissed. "Now get that little ass of
yours back in position!"

The second one was even worse. Her sex was already wet, swollen, and excruciatingly
sensitive from her previous orgasm. She writhed and moaned and sobbed in helpless
frustration at the brutally intense sensations streaming up from between her widely parted
thighs. The outcome was inevitable. She wailed helplessly as the second set of spasms
shook her.

Nor did it stop there. Melissa looked up at her father, her eyes pleading. He just grinned.
She was cumming for the forth time when her mother walked in.

Ann Andrews shook her head and just smiled at the sight of her daughter and the dog on
the floor. She walked over to her husband and kissed him hello. "Hi sweetheart," she said
cheerfully. "Why hello Paul."

"Uh... Hi Ann," he replied, his voice betraying his nervousness. He was unsure of how the
mother would react to the blatant sexual abuse of her sixteen year old daughter. She just
smiled. "I see you boys are having a good time."

Paul colored slightly and looked uncomfortable. Dave nodded with boyish enthusiasm.
"You bet. I was just showing Paul the benefits of sending his daughter off to that girl's
training school. Melissa is helping. Oops! There she goes again."

Three pairs of eyes turned to watch Melissa clutch the carpet and gurgle into another long
series of spasms. When they finally passed Ann said, "Well, I hate to break up the show
but we've got to be at the Henderson's in half an hour for bridge club."

Dave looked thunderstruck. "Oh SHIT! I forgot all about it. And I didn't even call the
baby sitter." He glanced around wildly, his eyes falling on his friend. "Paul! You've got to
help me. Stay with the girls for a few hours while we go out. How about it?"

Paul hesitated, unsure of how to handle this sudden turn of events. "Uh... I don't know
Dave. I'm not much of a baby sitter." Behind them Melissa suddenly cried out in the throes
of yet another orgasm. No one could remember whether it was her fifth or sixth. Dave
paused, thinking. He caught his wife's eye. "Could you excuse us for a minute dear? Man

When she was gone Dave pulled Paul aside and said, "Listen chum, I can see by the bulge
in your pants that you're just dying to get at that cute little piece of teenage ass over there
on the floor. Lord knows she's all warmed up for it." Behind them Melissa moaned as if in
confirmation. "And believe me I don't mind. We'll be gone for hours. Fuck her all you

It was tempting. Damn tempting. The problem was that deep down inside Paul still just
couldn't believe Dave really meant what he was saying. Dave squeezed his arm. "Even
better, give her those three whippings I promised her. There's all sorts of canes and ropes
and things down in the basement. Her sister Sharon's already down there, tied up over the
trestle. I was planning to demonstrate a good old fashioned ass whipping for you after we
finished with Melissa."

Paul wavered. "Well..."

Dave sighed. "Ok, if it makes you feel any better I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll make a
deal. A gentlemen's agreement so to speak. That way it'll be fair for everybody."

"What kind of deal?" Paul asked suspiciously.

"You're going to send your daughter Cindy off to the same school my two went to, right?"

There was no question about that one. Paul had seen more than enough to convince him
of the school's merits. He nodded.

"And when she gets back she'll be just as well trained as mine are."

"I suppose so," Paul replied cautiously.

"So here's the agreement. You can do anything you want to my two daughters tonight.
And I do mean ANYTHING! As long as I get to do the same things to your daughter
some night after she gets back. That way we both know it won't get too far out of hand."

Paul thought about it. A smile played slowly over his lips. "You know, Cindy has been a
real pain in the ass lately. Protecting her precious hide from you won't be much of a
deterrent. In fact it'll probably have the opposite effect."

Dave shrugged. "That's her problem. Deal?"

Paul nodded. "Deal?"


Chapter 2 "Getting A Buzz On"

The two of them hurriedly stripped off Melissa's slip and carried her downstairs to the
basement. As promised her eighteen year old sister Sharon was already down there, bent
naked over the trestle, her pert little ass reared high. She was gagged, which prevented a
lot of unnecessary questions. She was obviously shocked to see to see the two men
carrying her naked, sobbing younger sister into the room.

They threw Melissa down on a large four poster bed, spread-eagled her face up, and
cuffed her wrists and ankles to posts in each corner. A thick pillow shoved under her ass
elevated her hips. Conveniently placed cranks allowed them to draw her body bowstring
taut. When they were done her red, swollen cleft gaped helplessly skyward.

"You should find everything you need in one of those lockers," Dave said, pointing to a
row of four cabinets against the far wall. Don't hesitate to use any of it." He looked
pointedly over at his younger daughter's cruelly elevated midsection and winked. "Also
don't hesitate to use it where you think it'll do the most good."

Dave hurried out to get ready for bridge club, closing the basement door behind him.
Before leaving he assured Paul that it was totally soundproof. Just to be sure he wasn't
disturbed Paul threw the heavy inside bolt.

That done he began to take stock. Inside one large cabinet was every kind of whip,
paddle, strap, cane, and taws imaginable. Another cabinet yielded a treasure trove of
dildos and vibrators, some impossibly huge and heavily spiked for girls the age of Sharon
and Melissa. A third was full of bondage devices. A forth held what looked like medical
instruments and supplies, heavy on the lubricants. Paul gleefully rubbed his hands together.
He was in business.

The first thing he looked for was an appropriate vibrating dildo for Sharon. He found one
that was over ten inches long and about as thick as the girl's wrist. It had a dozen spiraling
rows of short, pointy spikes along it's length, and even better it was equipped with a heavy
duty AC powered vibration unit. Perfect. He picked it up along with a harness and a jar of

It took almost ten minutes of pushing and shoving and twisting to get the dildo buried to
the hilt up Sharon's tight little hole. To Paul's delight the poor youngster kicked and
screamed the whole time, especially when the spikes started digging into the drum-taut
inner walls of her cunt walls. He could actually see the little bumps moving up the bulge the
dildo was making in her groin.

He didn't really need the harness. There was no way the dildo was going to come out on
it's own. But buy putting it on and cinching it tight between the girl's legs he ensured that
the head of the phallus would remain pressed hard up into the very back of her womb, no
matter how violently she bucked.

Sharon shook her head frantically when Paul held up the plug, her big brown eyes
pleading for mercy. The dildo already felt like it was splitting her in two. Paul grinned, bent
down, and shoved the prongs into a nearby wall socket. Sharon tensed. Her eyes
squeezed shut. She held her breath. Nothing happened.

A minute later Paul was still scratching his head. He pulled the plug out and tried the other
socket. Still nothing. He walked around and looked at the base of the dildo. Ah! There it
was. A ring at the base of the dildo with an arrow embossed on it. Above it, etched into
the plastic shaft were the words "OFF -- LOW -- MED -- HI -- MAX". Above that was
the message:

CAUTION! Do NOT use maximum setting for more than 30 sec. at a time. Intense
discomfort may result.

The arrow pointed to "OFF". Paul twisted the ring until it pointed to "LOW". The
vibration unit kicked on and began to hum in a low, powerful way that was entirely
different from the usual battery operated unit. Sharon squirmed and whimpered at the
sudden new wave of sensation pouring up from between her legs. She tugged at her

Paul had to admit that the sex hormones were wickedly effective. It took less than a
minute for Sharon's first orgasm to start. The moment it hit her Paul twisted the ring to
"MED" and the hum doubled in volume. So did Sharon's strangled protests. She bucked
and heaved and tugged uselessly at her bindings as the blinding waves of pleasure/pain
filled her young body. It went on and on until she felt like she surely must faint. That's
when Paul twisted the ring to "HI".

The angry buzz cut through Sharon like a red hot poker. Her sex was already sore and
swollen from her just finished orgasm. The new assault was more than she could take. She
wailed helplessly, her hips bouncing in wild abandon over the top of the trestle. Paul let
her suffer for a good five minutes before switching up one more notch to "MAX".

The dildo actually thrummed with power as its full potential was released upon Sharon's
helpless sex. If she hadn't been gagged her teeth would have rattled. As it was it felt like a
bare wire had been shoved up her cunt and plugged in instead of a vibrator. She
screamed. Again and again. Paul just smiled, patted her on her wildly jerking ass, and
walked off.


Chapter 3 "Punished Puss"

Paul found exactly what he was looking for in the whips cabinet. A martinet with six
knotted cords about eighteen inches in length. The dildo cabinet produced a "billy-club", a
slim twelve inch rectal invader with a heavily spiked head attached to a grip fitting handle.
The penis gag was in the bindings locker. He still had the Vaseline.

Melissa watched him approach with wide-eyed fear. She'd seen what he'd done to her
sister. She knew she could expect the same. Her voice quavered. "W...what are you
going to do?"

Paul sat down on the bed even with Melissa's raised hips and grinned. "I'm going to give
you the whipping you earned tonight by disobeying your father. Now be a good girl and
open your mouth."

Knowing better than to disobey the pert youngster did as she was told. Paul inserted the
phallus into her mouth and buckled the strap behind her head. She whimpered at the
tightness of it.

Paul picked up the jar of Vaseline and scooped out a big glob onto his fingers. He began
to message it into the girl's gaping sex and between her bottom cheeks. While he worked
he talked. "Tell me Melissa, have you ever been whipped between your legs? (Wide eyed
shock. Frantic shake of the head.) No? Well in that case you're in for a real experience.
Every girl I've ever done it to absolutely hates it. I'm sure you will too. But then that's part
of the price you pay for disobedience, isn't it." He bent over to inspect his work, then
scooped more Vaseline.

"Of course this will be a new experience for me as well, since I've never pussy-whipped a
girl your age before. I suspect that you're going to be much more sensitive than the women
I've tried. Especially after that little bout with the dog." Paul grinned at Melissa's blush.
"The spread of your legs and your total lack of pubic hair should also add to the severity
of the pain." He dipped more Vaseline. "In case you're wondering the Vaseline is to
lubricate your tissues so that the thongs won't cut. They'll still sting just as bad, maybe
even worse, but I promise there won't be any damage. I wouldn't want to injure a pretty
girl like you."

By this time Melissa's hips were squirming helplessly. It had been less that fifteen minutes
since the dog's attentions and she was still wet and fully aroused. Paul chuckled. "Good.
I'm glad to see you've got some spark left. It always hurts more when the tissues are
swollen with lust."

Finally Paul set the Vaseline aside and picked up the dildo. "Do you know what this is
for?" Melissa shook her head. "Before each stroke I expect you to lift your hips up off the
pillow as high as you can. If you start to forget I'll shove this up your ass to remind you. Is
that clear?" Blinking back tears, Melissa nodded.

Paul picked up the lash and turned to face Melissa's cruelly splayed sex. The sight of her
plump, hairless little pussy with its slit gaping wide and its insides wet and swollen was the
most erotic thing he'd ever seen. He touched the cords to her pubic mount. She obediently
raised her hips.


Melissa's scream was one of pure, shrill, burning agony. Never in her young life had she
experienced anything like the white hot pain of the knotted thongs biting into her tender
inner tissues. She heaved against her bindings, her legs kicking wildly as the terrible
sensations between her legs grew and grew. And just when it couldn't possibly get any
worse, Paul whipped her again. And again. And again.




Paul was having the time of his life. Never had he seen anything so beautiful, so powerfully
erotic as the way pretty little sixteen year old Melissa reacted to having her cunt flogged.
The look of shock and pain on her sweet young face was priceless all by itself. Then there
was the helplessly lewd way her hips danced around on the bed. The beautiful red welts
that spread across the pale nether lips. And the sounds! The splat of the lash. The strident
shrieks of agony, reduced to soft mewings by the gag. The creak of the bed under her
bouncing ass. The muffled pleas for mercy. The broken, shuddering sobs. It was

Poor Melissa foolishly failed to rise for the fifth stroke. This caused a short but interesting
pause while the dildo was rammed up her tight, tender little asshole. Her father had been
right about the effects of the training. The poor kid tried to jump out of her skin the
moment the spiked tip touched the puckered bud of her rectum. She strained to the very
limits of her bindings trying to escape it, and Paul took full advantage of the opportunity by
cheerfully lashing the thongs straight down into her wide open cleft. The dildo sank a little
deeper with each stroke.

After that Paul had no trouble making the girl arch her pussy up. All he had to do was
reach around her hips and tap the handle of the dildo. She would rise up like a breaching
whale, her sex ripe and open for the lash. The whipping progressed with a steady, cruel

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