Re: EXTRO-3: Comments from Darren

Kathryn Aegis (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 22:58:17 +0000

I had thought that my first posting regarding the conference would
much more positive reflections (of which there were many), but I see
that something must be cleared up first.

I did not recuse myself from the gender seminar in hopes of making
any sort of public statement. It had more to do with the very
serious ethical dilemma that emerged for me prior to the conference
involving that particular panel, and I stayed out of the room out of
respect for the other speakers, as I have not yet resolved that
particular dilemma in my own mind. I have never heard of people being
called out of the audience to speak during a panel at any conference.
It is my general understanding that if you want someone to speak at a
conference, you put them on the panel. I don't understand why I am now
reading comments on this list implying that I did something impolitic by
not having been in the room when someone brought up my name. I would
not have said much had I been in the room, as each session has
limited time to accomplish its goals.

I spent that particular period of time discussing cryonics with the
Alcor folks, and I discussed my decision with only a few persons, and
more to get their feedback on a specific idea to provide a new type
of discussion space within Extropy. I would prefer to continue
to pursue that aspect, in the hope of improving all areas of
discussion within Extropy.

Kathryn Aegis