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Sunah Caroline Cherwin (
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 14:21:56 -0700 (PDT)

>To some extent, sex isn't something subject to a market. To me, a great part
>of the sexual experience is being desired and valued. Really, I can't buy
>that. Sure I could hire somebody who might even do a good act, but the fact
>that I would have to pay them would always remain as proof that it's just an
>I'm not amongst the "starving" at present, nor do I anticipate being so in
>the foreseeable future. I do like participating in and reading discussion of
>sexual issues as I find that enables me to improve on a good thing; it can
>always be better :-)
>>Note I'm not proposing to ban such discussions. I'm just describing a
>>reason for my unease.
>Yet discussing sexual matters is, I think, a good way to improve one's sexual
>desirability and confidence. For those who think they are unattractive, it
>helps show that non-physical elements are far more important than the media
>lets on, and that the range of "desired" is much broader in real life than in
>modeling, acting, and pornography. For anybody, knowledge of psychology,
>goals, and techniques of sex and sexual attraction allow one to make oneself
>more desirable, to more precisely target those who would desire you, and to
>make oneself more of a value to one's partner(s).

I am in the habit of being circumspect about this for the reasons Robin
describes, yet he and others make a good point that it can be a valuable
thing to discuss. Extropians use subject lines better than most people in
general; I find that on other lists there is an explicit policy of putting
certain topics in the subject line like this: [sexuality], so they are easy
to sort out. I think it might be a good time for me in particular to be
able to winnow the sexuality posts from the other gender posts...I just
mention this as a counter data point, because other posters described
themselves as "not 'starving'", and therefore not needing the kind of
consideration Robin was mentioning.

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