Re: EXTRO-3 & Gender

Natasha V. More (
Sat, 16 Aug 1997 09:17:43 -0500

At 10:08 AM 8/16/97 -0400, Sandy Madole wrote:

> Many people do not feel they
>are attractive enough to be in much demand sexually, or for other
>reasons are not able to participate. And sexual charity is very
>limited. I fear that these people are just made to feel worse by
>discussion of all the variations beyond their reach.

>Note I'm not proposing to ban such discussions. I'm just describing a
>reason for my unease.

I'm not sure I understand this post, or who it is from.

If it is from Robin Hanson -- he is a very attractive and enticing person.
Whether or not one is in "demand" or "able to participate" is really minor
to the obvious sexiness of one's attitude, brain and integrity.