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Sat, 16 Aug 1997 03:14:18 -0400 (EDT)

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<< That machine seemed very cool to me too. I asked the director of my health
center about it or anything like it, and she said that she goes to all the
conventions and seminars and so forth and has never seen anything like it.
But I decided I wanted to get it anyway and tried to find their website. It
didn't exist under anything like the name they mentioned, so I gave up on
it. But I look forward to a "flying" machine like this becoming available.

Finally got to an internet plugin site....I've been able to discover some
info...if you're interested...

Fitness Flyer
10303 Norris Av
Pacoima Ca 91331

Airo Fit
Airofit, Dept AF50st Plaza
Canton Ohio 44750

Air Tech Glider
(didn't copy info...looked pretty cheap)

This is what I've come up with in the last few themselves they're
probably just another "infor-mercial" money-eater....but coupled with a VR
set-up? day (soon?) I'd like to try it.

ONtario, Ca.
102 Fitness Qu