Re: The conversations at extro3 were as valuable as the talks

Robin Hanson (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 15:01:17 -0700 (PDT)

I agree with Luke and Anton that I'd have liked more time to talk.
Of course I knew that would be my position the moment I saw the
schedule. Most big name people I know hardly spend any time at
conferences listening to talks. They're mostly talking with people in
the halls etc.

Let me add to the chorus of people who really enjoyed Extro 3. What I
mainly enjoyed was meeting all you people in person. You people are
much more like me, and like people I'm very comfortable with, than
most people I see most of the time. I was also reminded how important
it was to meet in person sometimes. I never really had one of those
in depth work-it-all-out conversations I imagine would be the payoff
of personal meetings. But I did get a much better image of people's
styles and personalities, which helps me interpret and react to their
email postings. I think it is very valuable for virtual communities
to meet in person periodically.

Robin D. Hanson