META: EXTRO-3 and EXTROPY #3: bibliographic nattering

Eric Watt Forste (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 14:27:38 -0700

Dale Carrico writes:
> I like the formulation (Arkuat's, I believe) that sex is just some
> seriously high-bandwidth communication, but I worry that this
> formulation may conjure a fantasy of an ideal sexual encounter as
> a kind of unimpeded free-flow of info...

Much as I'd love to take credit and get a legitimate bibliographic
ref in such a fabulous post as this latest one of Dale's, I must
confess that I got the formulation from an article by ExI's own
Tom M0rrow, in EXTROPY #3 (I think). (That's the third issue of
the magazine, not to be confused with the third instance of the
Extro conference we've been recently discussing.)

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