SCI & INVEST: Geron makes breakthrough: Human Telomerase Cloning

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This company (GERN) was mentioned several times at Extro3, including the
investment panel. I hope somebody moved on it.

With this announcement:

- --- Quote from above referenced article ---
Researchers have discovered what has been referred to as the holy grail of
cell aging -- a find with great potential for combating cancer as well as
for staving off the maladies of old age.

More precisely, two separate scientific teams -- one from Geron Corp. of
Menlo Park and the University of Colorado, the other led by researchers at
the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research of Cambridge, Mass. --
announced Thursday that they have been able to clone a protein that
controls how long cells live.


``This is not just a very interesting scientific discovery. It has very
practical applications,'' said Ronald Eastman, president and chief
executive officer of Geron, a biotech company that already is working to
develop drugs to combat cancer and aging.
``For the first time, we have the opportunity to enhance the lifetime of a
normally dividing cell.''
- --- End Quote ---

The stock when into a feeding frenzy, shooting up nearly 200%. It's back
down to 120% now.

I've been wathcing it all week and I had just about convinced myself to go
in for a couple hundred shares. That'll teach me to move faster.

It still might be a good investment, check this out:

- --- Quote from above referenced article ---
The twin discoveries of the gene sets up a potential battle over what could
turn out to be a very lucrative biotech patent. But Geron officials believe
they have a strong claim because the discoveries build on earlier work by a
member of their team, Nobel Prize winner Thomas Cech of the University of
Colorado in Boulder.
- --- End Quote ---

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