Re: Future of Gender

Kennita Watson (
Fri, 15 Aug 1997 09:11:20 -0700

> Eliezer observes:
> How would thoughtsharing of various types affect sexual mores? Define
> an Augmented human as a "primary" human supported by several other
> experts sharing the world through virtual reality and communicating
> continuously, waking and sleeping, on subvocal/subconscious/hypnotic
> channels.

I think it might be funny to see how singles bars change -- "There's
yes-yes in your eyes" would become harder to argue with, and shy people
could have their desires known more easily. It could also cause some
fights among the jealous types -- after a stranger walks by, one partner
complains to the other "Hey -- that was more than 'just looking'!".

I also worry about the sorts of situations (remembering a movie, here)
where real wackos get off on raping and murdering so they can feel the
panic/anger/etc. "vibes".

It also occurs to me that if these sorts of things can be recorded,
the recordings might make useful evidence in rape trials. Or to
remind feuding or fading couples how they used to feel.

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