Prometheus Project (was Re: Which cryonics org?)

E. Shaun Russell (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 21:02:23 -0700 (PDT)

Forrest wrote:

>> It sounds like Alcore is the most popular organization of
>>choice? How many people select Cryo-Care? Are there archives of
>>discussions of the differences of the available organizations? This
>>is a decision I'm trying to make also.
>Well, my decision is based more on monkey see monkey do than any
>in-depth analysis. There are indeed such achives at cryonet, which
>I read a couple years ago. They go into some detail on the various
>squabblings and fallings-out, which didn't interest me.
>I do admire the heroism displayed in the Dora Kent affair, like the
>people at Alcor, and feel they have a size advantage. The facility is
>also not more than 3 hrs air time from Seattle or San Jose.

From what I saw at the conference, the Prometheus Project looks
pretty promising. I particularly liked Paul's [Wakfer] position on the
potential placing of dewars in hospitals for patients who have decided to
be frozen. If hospitals had their own dewars, the freezing process could
take place much quicker than having to be shipped to a faraway facility.
Also, the Prometheus Project has plans to set up (in the future) a group of
people who will be able to familiarize the client with his surroundings
upon reanimation. I quite appreciated Paul's honesty as he was explaining
his project; he was very open about the fact that cryonics is by no means a
sure thing. He could have glossed over the cryonics industry by claiming
that reanimation would be inevitable, but he treated it as a "best
alternative" situation...a stand which I really respected. When *I* sign
up for cryonic suspension, I think that I will go with the Prometheus looks very stable (lots of funding) and Paul is a reputable
physicist and businessman to boot.

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