Re: Which cryonics org? (was re: my EXTRO 3 perspective)

Forrest Bishop (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 20:31:17 -0500 (CDT)

Brent wrote:
>Forrest Bishop <> commented:
>> Met Fred and Linda Chamberlain (Alcor booth). Will probably opt for
>> this organization.
> It sounds like Alcore is the most popular organization of
>choice? How many people select Cryo-Care? Are there archives of
>discussions of the differences of the available organizations? This
>is a decision I'm trying to make also.

Well, my decision is based more on monkey see monkey do than any
in-depth analysis. There are indeed such achives at cryonet, which
I read a couple years ago. They go into some detail on the various
squabblings and fallings-out, which didn't interest me.
I do admire the heroism displayed in the Dora Kent affair, like the
people at Alcor, and feel they have a size advantage. The facility is
also not more than 3 hrs air time from Seattle or San Jose.

> Forrest, thanks for the exciting summary of your Extro-3

Hmmm, I wish I'd received more feedback, as it is rapidly slipping
into the distant past...

> I can't miss this next year.

??Next year?? Who said anything about next year?
Seriously, I think the planning for EXTRO 4 should commence now.

> Brent Allsop