Re: Caffeine Alternatives?

Sunah Caroline Cherwin (
Thu, 14 Aug 97 18:22:12 PDT

>Lee asked about caffeine alternatives.
>One alternative is L-phenylalanine. Smart Basics (1-800-878-6520)
>sells "Rise & Shine", an "energizing nutrient drink" with this as the
>active ingredient, though it can have similar side effects to caffeine
>and shouldn't be taken by "persons with the genetic metabolic disorder
>PKU, psychosis, persons taking prescription MAO inhibitor drugs,
>pigmented malignant melanoma cancer patients, those with Wilson's
>disease or those who have a violent temper", according to the label.
>You can check
it's a bit subtle, if you are used to caffeine. it makes you just as perky
but you have to be used to it to notice it worked

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