Re: self-transformation

E. Shaun Russell (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 10:55:36 -0700

Darren wrote:

>>I think up to now appearance has been very important. But here on the
>>net conversational style seems to be important to show our identity.
>It's interesting, Anders. Before I met you, I valued your every word. But
>the value I perceive in your words has increased dramatically since we met.
>I consider myself a fairly wired kind of guy, yet even to me, appearance
>seems to remain so important.

The main reason for this is simply the association of omnidimensional
ideas (words that are on a flat computer screen) with multidimensional people
and their personalities. There is usually a lot more to people than can be
transmitted in the words they write...taking into consideration word
inflection, body language and facial movements etc. In short, a person's
*character* is what carries him beyond his words; Extro-3 was a prime
example of that: though I knew most of the attendees through their writing,
I found myself wanting to "meet" everybody in person --an impossible task
when there are so many to meet! ;-)

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