Re: Mary Kay Schmitz LeTourneau

Tony Hollick (
Wed, 13 Aug 97 23:08 BST-1

> [Quickly, I respond...]
> Ugh.
> Tony, you are clearly an intelligent individual with certain principles,
> no? Please tell me that you're doing this to make a point, not to affect
> the outcome of the proceeding.


>If you are doing this with hope of convincing some bass-ackwards judge

I've spoken with Judge Linda Lau; your description is inapproriate.

>You've made more than a mockery of legal argument with your post.

I'm not a legal draughtsman. Amicus curiae briefs are informal in character.

> There must be more to it than you've actually posted.


> If so, please fill me in.

Concerning what?

> If not, then I've definitely failed law school.

All depends... >:-}

Let's see your version first.