Michael Butler (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 14:08:31 -0700 (PDT)

> >self-sustaining. MAX: have you ever spoken to Glenn Tenney about how
> >he/they run(s) Hackers?
> No. I'd like to. How can I get hold of him?

Try You also *might* be able to get some useful hints
from the people who put on "contact" ... I don't know how to get in touch
with them (ironic, no? but I think some people on the list/members of the
Institute might.

Keep in mind (and this opinion is strictly sub rosa) some people think
that one or both of the above have ossified and/or dried up; so pick and
choose the strategies you model.

> >Shorter, tight sessions.
> Hmm, some want longer sessions, some shorter...

This is one of the reasons people multitrack. (grin/grimace--see below)

> >And of course multitracking. There are obvious risks and costs, but it's
> >traditional. This should be enough for us to view it with suspicion. :)
> I've never liked this, and many people seem to feel the same way. It may
> become necessary if attendence multiplies.

One of the tradeoffs here is between cohesion/"jackdaw epistemology" in
the good sense (we all get to have more nearly the same conference) and
birds-of-a-feather/stultification/stratification/ossification. How much do
you want to shake people out of talking the same old thoughts to the same
old people? How do you do that respectfully and congruently and still grow
the conference/BEST DO IT SO mindshare?

These are tough questions.

> Thanks for your comments Michael.

You're quite welcome.