Municipal Drinking Water (was Extropy in the Personal...)

Rick Knight (
Wed, 13 Aug 97 10:26:21 CST

I wrote:
In my estimation, average municipal water quality, governed by a
bogged down and likely indifferent bureaucratic system is about as
safe as packaged meat...but we'll save that for another topic <G>.

Davin Enigl replied:

The municipalities tend to forget about what they can not
control (chemicals) and concentrate on the one EPA law I *do* agree
with: 40CFR _Escherichia coli_ elimination and total coliform control
which is (in general) <1 per 100 mL. So, I guess that makes water
safer from a microbiological aspect than ground beef.

I respond:

Thanks for the informed feedback on the subject. And yes, the <G> at
the end of my last statement was to have the effect that I was
speaking casually for effect.