Matrix: The Motion Picture

Rick Knight (
Wed, 13 Aug 97 10:08:18 CST

A little blurb in the SF Chronicle about what movie project Val Kilmer
should do next and one of the considerations was a futuristic
"thriller" pitting us against computers and technology. More
Terminator-style Armageddon crap. We get too big for our britches and

The movie is titled "Matrix" and is being done by Warner Brothers. It
troubles me that the sensationalism in films more often than not leans
towards the constructive and rational rather than the fear-inducing
impact they choose, ostensibly for the dramatic effect.

I say this with such personal emphasis because my dear boss was the
first fatality of the Unibomber. All because he happened to be a high
tech provider in a tiny strip mall that already had a Computerland and
a Software Centre. I had the unpleasant role of seeing this tragedy
from a front row anything that promotes violence and
particularly in conjunction with advanced technology just leads me to
conclude that such fodder is providing grist for the mill of budding
whackos out there.

This only makes me feel like I want to get to work sooner on the
Singularity screenplay.