Re: Patriarchy and the Age of Information
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 11:02:57 -0400 (EDT)

<<<Evmick (from somewhere mobile) wrote:

Referencing "Men and Marriage" by George Gilder, a not unrespected
writer, he indicates that no Matriarchial Society has been successful
due to terrorism by gangs of teenage boys...He cites present day
Ghetto Blacks as an example...among many examples...

The cause of this appears to be deeply rooted.

Rick responds:

"not unrespected"? Is that like respected or almost respected? <G>>>>>>>
{seemed a good turn of phrase at the time....oh well}

So it's those nasty teenage boys (glad I had a girl...most of the
time) who are the impetus for all this eh? I can see where that holds
true in Inner City situations. But does not poverty factor in and
undermine matriarchal influence? Poverty tends to numb one to the
hardships of day-to-day living. That disempowerment of the women due
to poverty (particularly in regards to an ostensibly disempowered
cultural set due to racial inequality) could very well just open the
space for rampant teenage mayhem.

{It's been some time since I read the book...but it impressed me a
lot...let's see if I can recall some pertinent points. It IS nasty teenage
boys...."Every culture is only one generation away from Barbarism...and every
culture must deal with the onslaught of barbarians...their young"

And poverty has nothing to do with it. The blacks HAD a culture prior to the
governments meddling thanks to LBJ during the sixties...said meddling pretty
much destroyed it...this according to Ken Hamblin...Walter Williams...Thomas
Sowell (or at least my understanding of what they said...and they are all
blacks) and my understanding of George Gilder.....and personal observation.

Teen age boys are ruled by their Hormones...and girls control the floodgates.
Many societies/cultures have methods of sublimating and controlling the
desires and impulses generated by the hormonal West Texas where I
am from it was in a large part FOOTBALL....and other a much
lesser degree....the boys vented much of their anger/frusturation/excess
energy etc...trying to be a football hero and hence get the girls to pay
attention to pretty much worked for a fair percentage of the
suceptible teenage male population....

This discouraged gangs...another...more primitive (natural...but socially
destructive) method of hormonal storm control...

In either case the girls were in control. They could say NO. The longer the
DID say no the better things worked out....In black Ghettos (and brown, and
white, and yellow and ...I girls DON'T say no....hence
there is no control over the boys...the fathers being displaced by government

Are there any examples where survival issues aren't weighing heavily
on the scenario so that teenage boys don't just "revert to type" (now
THAT'S a generalization! Woo-doggie!)? Sorry, teenage boys tended to
make this former wimp's growing up life rather hellish at times <G>.

Mine too...I was <am> a loner...didn't fit in very well in team sports at
ALL...but I faked it...size the ability to take a beating...too
stupid to just fall down when I was beat to a pulp..which is what I SHOULD
have done when I took on that Golden Gloves contender in high school...but
NOOOO....(funny...they pretty much left me alone after that...)

Gilder references Margaret Meads seems she studied primitive
cultures some of which were Matriarchial...and were terrorized by teen age

Segovia, Tx.