CRIT Mediator

Ka-Ping Yee (
Wed, 13 Aug 1997 04:55:40 -0700

Hello, all!

My name is Ka-Ping Yee. I've had an interest in nanotechnology
and extropianism for a while, but only recently came to visit
California and then attended Extro 3, after which i felt
compelled to join this list for the fascinating conversation
that goes on among Extropians.

The weekend was an absolute blast. I offer my thanks to Max
More for organizing the event and to everyone that was there
for contributing to the energy, knowledge, and passion that
filled the air.

On Saturday night i was given the opportunity to present a
little something that i've been working on: the "CRIT Mediator",
a service that provides bidirectional, fine-grained linking
so that you can annotate pages on the Web.

As a follow-up to the presentation i would like to let all
interested people know that you can try the service at

The source code for CRIT, in Perl 5, is also available at
that site. Although it is not yet well documented, you can
download the program, make a few changes to the configuration,
and run your very own mediator if you wish. I'm hoping that
distributing the source will let ideas flow and let people
build on the work i've done, helping us reach Singularity by
facilitating the evolution of knowledge.

Have fun!!