Deathwatch ! (Was: Re: Freedom or Death?)

den Otter (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 21:21:16 +0200


> Brent Allsop wrote:
> Suddenly, Jeff is involved in an instantaneous, life taking,
> but not brain destroying accident. In other words, without
> to die he doesn't get the chance to, with his final breaths, say: "I
> don't (or do) want to be cryonically preserved." Let's say there
> happens to be a cryonic team there, ready to preserve him, and that
> funds for the procedure and long term preservation are absolutely no
> problem.
> Rick Knight asks:
> The last statement somewhat adds to my ongoing skepticism. How
> *available*, *reliable* and *knowledgeable* are emergency medical
> personnel?

I don't trust them either, certainly not with *my life*, if that's what you

> Does a person intending to be cryonically preserved wear a
> special identification indicating alternative action?

Yes, usually they do (bracelet, pendant wallet card), although I suppose it
could easily be overlooked or misinterpreted in the confusion of a (big)
accident. Also, there is a very real possibility that people (including
medical personnel) won't respect your choice, and refuse to perform the

> Considering the
> pervasive attitude of the acceptance of physical death, do healthy
> extropians involved in fatal accidents have any assurance their
> will be expediently managed to the right fridge (cryonics crypt and
> not the morgue)?

Right now, imo only the ones in the US, and specifically in the LA region,
a remotely reasonable chance of being "rescued" in time (and of course
[all] those who happen to live in the vicinity of a suspension site). So
your scepticism is completely justified, but...*we* can make a difference!
[mellow music, please!]

Something that could help:

The the development of a (there you have it!) *deathwatch*. You know, the
device that's been discussed here before (or was it on CryoNet?) with
GSM/GPS, ultra-sensitive microphone pulse measuring, (burst) warning
signal, a buzzer, a heartbeat recognition chip, maybe even voice activation
and communication possibilties, water tight, shock proof etc etc. This
little gem could *really* make a difference, because it would watch over
you night and day, 7 days a week, etc. No more "sneakin' a death" (dieing
in bed is in fact one of the greatest risks for a cryonicist. It could be
hours, maybe even days before someone finds you. Your poor brain must be
mush by then, especially in the winter (!)

The GSM phones are getting smaller every day, at this rate they will be
small enough to fit neatly on your wrist by next year or so (dynamic
optimism in full effect!) If not, you could still do it yourself using some
of the phone components
and some other stuff, like microphones and a pulse recognition chip.

Some other possibly useful features of the "watch":
--autolink to your friends/family (if they live closeby and wear "watches"
too) for
quick "first aid".
--autolink to your suspension provider and cooperative medical personnel
--auto-detection of other wearers (for example extropians) in a 50 meter
or so, with discreet signalling (vibrating!) and ID exchange, if so
--it can actually be used as a watch (!), and not even the ugliest one if
you put
some effort into the design ;)
--lots and lots of other things I can't think of right now...

Also it would be very useful to advertise more, especially in big
magazines and on television. More members = also better chances of timely
(quality) suspension and revival for *you* (for obvious reasons).

Overall more money is needed, lots of it; for the ads, for Prometheus, for
watch, for more and better ambulances etc. etc.

So...why not use the awesome extropian potential to achieve these goals
(all these technicians, scientists, bussines people and Jahweh knows
should be a *breeze*!) some of which could return your investment tenfold
or more, if marketed properly (the watch could easily be modified for lots
of uses, like hiker resque for ex.)

Getting rich, safe *and* better preserved...what more could you possibly
(ok, a lot).