my EXTRO 3 perspective

Forrest Bishop (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 13:38:10 -0500 (CDT)

I wish I had kept at least a few notes (especially people's names). This is
a possible reconstruction of part of my personal perspective, leaving out most of
the talks, which should be covered elsewhere. Maybe some of the people
mentioned below could email me and jog my memory. I'd really appreciate it.

--A personal odyssey at EXTRO 3--

Friday 2 PM
Checking in- I think that is Anders behind me, too shy to ask.

Spot E. Shaun, talk for a couple hours, show him the "blah blah
EXTRO 3 blah blah" method of sampling passersby.

Nap until 5:30. Searching for Kathryn Aegis- didn't find her that evening.

That _is_ Anders, he brings three Swedes with him (obviously a persuasive guy).

We have dinner- me, Anders & delegation, E. Shaun, &?

Small party in Max's room. Called up and got Tanya Jones on the phone, so
nice to speak with her I forgot the room number. Went up to the right floor, where
Ralph Merkle's ever-pleasant voice guided us in. Met Paul Wakfer, Daniel Bennett (?),
Bradbury, Denise (Sasha's friend), &?

Welcoming speech,

Met Fred and Linda Chamberlain (Alcor booth). Will probably opt for this organization.

Lunch with Ralph Merkle, Eric Drexler, Kennita Watson, Carl Feynman, &?
Anders' name came up, Drexler was pleased to hear Anders was in town and hoped to
meet him.
Ralph Merkle tells me my paper is accepted (or at least not rejected) for the upcoming
Fifth Foresight Convention. He is pleased that over 100 abstracts were submitted.

Dinner with Darren Reynolds, Kathryn Aegis,

Met Ping, urged him to go forth and make millions, return to academia later.

Danced with Romana "Maximum Babe" Machado, learned she's married (sigh).
Her new ciphered laptop video hack sounds interesting (64 bit RSA, fresh off the shelf
circuitry). Left her having a good time with Kathryn.
Met (SOHO) girl. Took her to meet Carl Feynman, no luck.
Conversations with Mitch Porter,
Swedes, &?

Breakfast with Max More, I think he would have preferred some quiet time.

Said hi to Marvin Minsky, gave him IRTS paper saying "show me the disappearing trick",
which he did (the pockets on MM's vest can easily swallow a laptop).

Lunch with Eric Drexler, Sasha, Chris Peterson, Ralph Merkle, &?
Asked Eric if he'd heard the term "Drextech", which apparently he hadn't. He didn't
appear to be too enthusiastic about it. Spoke of Rick Smalley and Eugene Leitl's
objections (which he does not share), agreed it will be interesting to hear Smalley's
keynote talk at the Fifth Foresight Convention.
Interesting talk with Sasha on the (non) continuity of post-Singularity humanity.

Talk with Carl Feynman on methods of blowing up the Sun.

Met Keith Henson, Nick Szabo (very briefly), Lee Daniel Crocker, &?
Trade in my "To infinity and beyond" button (I don't believe in infinities outside
mathematics) for Anders' "The sum of all human knowledge would be nice,
but I want more".

Christopher Heward (of all people) found me smoking a cigarette while waiting for
a shuttle, we both agreed I'm an idiot-child. Argued about the need for nanotech to
achieve closure of self-replicating manufacturing systems. Bradbury on same flight,
might have lunch sometime (he's off to Australia this week). Maybe I'll help with
the engineering of the Dyson Sphere Brain (it needs work).

Anders expresses a desire to become an open standard.
Ping demonstrates site evaluation webware.
Marvin Minsky and Eric Drexler get Alcor bracelets after years of
prodding from friends.

And above all:
We meet.