Re: Galaxy brain problem

Max M (
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 09:06:25 +0200

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> When i get to be old and smart enough, I will incorporate my uploaded
> into the fabric of a galaxy. So far so good. I think that wil be room
> enough for my taste.
> The problem is though... where do I keep the backup?

> But what do you mean by "incorporate my uploaded mind into the fabric

Well the people i have seen die of old age, havn't seem to be that worried
about it. They felt they had experienced everything. Their life was a bore,
and their friends had died. I guess if i'm uploaded and my brain is running
a million times faster, and im so smart that problems that now seems
difficult will be trivial, that there might someday come a time when i feel
that there won't be more to experience. (I'm certainly not shure, but it
could happen.)

Then, just to get the final kick, i would somehow make my uploaded mind a
part of the universe. Perhaps incorporate it into a galaxy. (Don't ask me
how, i'm just not smart enough yet, but i'm shure theres a way.) It would
be big and it would be slow. But that's just the point.

The end of the universe (If there is an end) would happen in realtime, over
the course of what seems like a week in subjective time or something like

Would be a nice way to go. :-)

Max M Rasmussen, Denmark