Join the [Mental] Self Transformation Email List for a Better Brain

Luke Nosek (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 23:28:24 -0700

Hi All,

After Max's talk at Extro3 I mentioned that I've started an email
list for extropians and others to discuss the philosophy and technology
of mental transformation, which I have been studying extensively over
the last year. Want better emotions as Max explained in his talk? Want
better memory & cognition as Andres explained in his talk? Then let's
research the methods and implement them now!

It's now just an alias with occasionaly emails bouncing between the
people now, and will be on a listserv soon. If you're very eager,
please send a message with

subscribe lifeimp

in the subject and I'll add you. (Tentatively it's called the Life
Improvement list.)

Thanks for your interest,



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