Re: Is the Mandelbrot Set Real?

Eric Watt Forste (
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 12:30:56 -0700

Hara Ra writes:
> Or, to ask a really un-Extropian question:
> What really are the bounds of expansion?

I don't think the question is un-Extropian at all. What's un-Extropian
to me is to accept stated bounds and limits without question. My
personal experience is that it is through questioning the bounds
of my personal expansion (speaking of minds and not waistlines here
;) that those bounds begin to recede, melt away, and shift into
ever more remote, ever less confining vistas.

I'll let you know if this process changes, but I'm not expecting
it to. At least not that particular aspect of it. At least not
any time soon.

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