Sat, 09 Aug 1997 15:06:39 -0500

Good Day,

I'm writing to receive your permission to "FAX" you (on my dime)
a sample and pricing of a very unique product that is one I sincerely feel
you could benefit from. If it's O.K. to "FAX" you a sample, simply reply
with your area code and "FAX Number".

PHOTOSTIX(R) Laser / Ink Jet Postcards are designed 2-up on an
8 1/2" X 11" carrier sheet. Use your computer and computer printer
to create a unique message about the listing you are marketing. Take
a 35mm photo and get as many prints needed at your local
one hour photo. Then peel & stick the PHOTOSTIX(R) to the backs of your
own 4" X 6" photos to turn Your Own Photos Into "Instant Postcards".

Anyone can use PHOTOSTIX(R) to create their own "Custom Postcards"

Think about the impact ...
For example a Realtor may use it as follows:
A prospect comes out to view a property.
Then two days later, that same person receives in their mailbox a
color postcard of "THE EXACT PROPERTY" they were inquiring about!

There is no need to reply "Remove" if you are not interested.
This is a one time offer to "FAX" you a sample sheet and ordering
information. I'm looking forward to your reply and to sharing more
unique ways to market your listings.

Best Wishes,
Charlie Harrison
Territory Manager

PHOTOSTIX(R) Turn Your Own Photos Into Instant Postcards

Note: Our offer to Fax Free information is only for the USA. If you
are located outside the USA, please visit our web site above. Thank You!