Re: Patriarchy and the Age of Information
Fri, 8 Aug 1997 19:09:10 -0400 (EDT)

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<< > So, as we reach a period in human civilization where novelty will
> exponentially increase and great change will happen in a cosmological
> flicker, what signs are apparent that women are maneuvering into their

> ascendant positions to take on a more controlling interest in human
> affairs?

I thought we was already there.

Its my favorite theory, that time/novelty will come to a climax/end in 2012,
based on the Mayan calendar and a model of time based on the I-ching by
Terrence Mckenna. Terrence developed the time model without the knowledge of
the Mayans end date and got it to the day, December 21(?) the winter solstice
when the sun rises to allign with the galactic center.
Since the beginning of time novelty in the universe has been incresing
exponentially, the complexity of matter has been getting faster and faster,
and there's no reason why this should stop. You can see it spanned over the
universe within the last millions of years and through the development of man
and our develepments, its continuous, and leading to something.

there's a mailing list that talks about this, its very good, they talk about
a lot of things:

also check out Terrence's site: