The Fabric of Reality

Rick Knight (
Fri, 08 Aug 97 10:03:42 CST

Mark Crosby conveyed a quote in regards to physicist Roger Penrose:

"These days, it seems, there's no telling a fellow's metaphysics from
his physics."

Rick Knight:

I prefer the blur personally between physics and metaphysics. It
Keeps things interesting. Much of the multi-verse theory seems to tie
in with a book I read many years ago that started me on the
metaphysical/transpersonal spin I'm still in. Michael Talbot's "The
Holographic Universe". Using the hologram as a model, Talbot, citing
Bohm, Sheldrake, and I believe Feynman tied in most supernatural
phenomenon with the notion that all events in time space are happening
all at once, the macrocosm is in the microcosm and that linear time
is/could be a perceptual issue.