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> >As long as we're tossing around personal theories here...
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> >Agricultural societies will tend towards "civilization", in the
> >technological sense, anyway.
> >Why? It is only through agriculture that long term food surpluses can be
> >created. This leads
> >to two things: spare time, for intellectual pursuits, and the written
> >used to identify
> >personal property.
> I don't know about the spare time business. Hunter-gatherer societies
> lots of free time. I think the increase in population (hence, more
> power) is far more significant.

The population growth is a consequence of the food surplus.
Hunter-gatherers do
not consistently have spare time. That's the trick.

I think that continues today, and that a
> significant part of current development is due to bringing ever-larger
> numbers of people into our market and science systems.

> >only those long term food surpluses
> >can move an army over long distances.
> Up to the invention of gunpowder, the most powerful armies were those of
> Central Asian pastoralists. Long term food surpluses can take
> non-agricultural form; they used grazing animals, which had the distinct
> advantage of moving themselves.

But not the people...

Would you agree that agriculture leads to the population explosion?

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