Who will bring us back? Was Re:Luxembourg

Brent Allsop (allsop@swttools.fc.hp.com)
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 13:26:32 -0600

nsane1@spam.sux asked:

> I thought this was the most overlooked part of cryonics, who is
> going to spend the time/effort/money to bring you back.

I don't see how anyone can think there is not a good answer
for this question. How much "time/effort/money", as a percentage of
the world total "time/effort/money", do we spend on scientific history
restoration/preservation? How many people would spend more
"time/effort/money", if they had it, to do something like bring back a
DNA replica of a dinosaur? I know if %10 of the total
"time/effort/money" that I will produce during my life could bring
back my grandfather, I'd give up many things in my life so that I had
%10 left for this purpose.

If you were immortal and the amount of time/effort/money you
could afford in one year was growing exponentially, and you had
already achieved a wealth greater than say Bill Gates... Couldn't you
spare a few coins (i.e. say, less than .00001% of your total
"time/effort/money" for one year) to help "bring back" even someone
like Hittler? (Even if it was only so that he could start work
towards eventually making a full restitution for whatever evil he
might have done during his mortal life, like maybe doing studies on
possible ways to potentially "bring back" holocaust victims...? ;)

> As far as legal breakthrough goes, I agree John.

I, too, agree. We should definitely make an effort to do it
ourselves, sooner rather than latter... But eventually will not all
finite amounts of "time/effort/money", no matter how large, be a very
small insignificant amount of what exponentially growing immortals
will be able to do? Given that, even the slightest bit of idle
curiosity should be enough motivation to spend the insignificant
amount of "time/effort/money" required to bring us back. I have many
dead friends and ancestors for which I have much more than an idle
curiosity desire to bring back. Don't you?

Brent Allsop