Extropy in the Personal Sphere

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Wed, 06 Aug 97 10:39:22 CST

As a follow up to my initial response to Hagbard's question, I first
want to express my concern that some may interpret my questions as
inquisitional and pontifical in nature.

I am trying to get a better understanding of the classic Extropian
mentality, only essences of which I comfortably subscribe but I find
them a fascinating group nonetheless. While the particular tactics I
may use provoke, it is not intended to offend.

However, instead of posing the questions in a way that seeks to cement
credibility for me at the expense of personal alienation of the
subscribers to this digest, let me instead, share what measures I take
and would like to take to ensure the quality of my physical health and
vitality into "old age" (although I'm quite optimistic ours may be the
first generation to cinch that destiny).

* My diet is predominantly vegetarian and predominantly organically
* I supplement with a number of minerals and am researching other
tonics to add to my regimen. This is right now, somewhat adhoc. I'd
like to consult a nutritionist to get a more personalized regimen.
* I stay out of the sun and if I am in the sun for long periods of
time, I wear sunscreen, shades, hat.
* I perform facial exercises and moisturize and exfoliate the skin on
my face and neck.
* I exercise three times a week and would like to increase that
because the number of calories I consume compared to my metabolic rate
isn't as it was in my 20s.
* Psyllium shakes on a fairly "regular" basis <G>

I'd actually like to get more ideas on what people do to ensure the
quality of their physical health.