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> Reference: Aristoi by Walter Jon Williams
> : Latest book by Louis McMaster BuJold (Mirror Dance?) about
> Miles' Clone Brother
> : Society of the Mind by Marvin Minsky
> : a variety of "split brain" studies in patients in which the
> corpus collusum was surgically severed.
> : various "multiple personality disorder" cases
> How much of the brain does it take to support the personality? Surely the
> Visual Cortex is not required for that function...nor are the areas of the
> brain relating to the other senses (smell, taste, hearing, touch etc) nor
> that which is required to support the metabolism. (keep the heart pumping ,
> liver, kidney...etc)...ignore all of that and what have we left? What per
> centage of the brain relative to it's size?
> Now look at it from a different perspective. How many personalities occupy
> that space?
> My understanding of the "Society of Mind" and other works is that there are a
> bunch. Operating sequentially and simultaneously. Split Brain studies
> suggest this as well. In a well integrated "psyche" there appears to be only
> one personality....not true....there are many personalities....each coming
> "on line" as the situation warrants...and going dormant when not needed. All
> thinking it is the only one.
> Walter Jon Williams and Louis McMaster Bujold's works speculate as to what
> would happen were this not the case. Suppose you had multiple personalities,
> a well integrated "team" of personalities. I REALLY wish I did....have a
> personallity who didn't find lifting weights to be unutterably I
> could do something interesting while he was exercising the body.
> EvMick
> St Louis

I consider that, an interesting way to understanding such subjetcs is
using the informatic systems theory. Each "personality" (not yet
individuallity...) would just be seen as a procedure (or a set of
procedures). By hypothesis, there would be just one individuallity
per human being (the main operational system) but various possible
sets of procedures (behaviour environments...) ( a supposed devil
domination , f. ex., would be really impossible, inexistent, except
as a set of procedures "uploaded" form an influenceable person's
mind...Just go to any of these cults, if you're thinking I'm not
talking about present facts...). When a "form" (menthal
configuration) is still "coming to the mind screen" it is quickly
associated with other related forms (rational and emotional, s tatic
and dynamic) to make an associated work environment. Such
associations do not necessarily correspond to reallity, but form a
menthal environment... See, for ex., the believers when "think in
God" (hehehe) or an Orson Wells' reader, when thinking about Mars...
That's a hypothesis... Another question is: The individuallity
minimum nucleus is just software or hardware too ??????

Prof. Gomes

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