Extropy in the Personal Sphere

Rick Knight (rknight@platinum.com)
Wed, 06 Aug 97 09:23:40 CST

Hagbard Celine posed:

"What changes in your personal lifestyle have you taken to increase
the amount of extropy therein (mental, physical, social, etc.)? Or if
not changes, per se, what have you always been doing to effect the
same end?"

Rick Knight adds:

I too have been wondering about that particularly in the relationship
between the quest for physical life extension through cryonics and
uploading which are, albeit gaining some measure of scientific
consideration, still rather lofty notions. However, there is the more
concrete and pragmatic pursuit of nutrition. I'm wondering about how
many extropians filter their water, pursue either vegetarian diets or
thoughtfully chosen carnivorous diets (i.e., small quantities from
reliable sources, not regular mindless grabbing of the package of
Foster Farms chicken at Safeway.) How many supplement their diets with
a designed mineral and vitamin regimen? How many wear sun block or
otherwise fortify their skin to help it maintain it's younger appeal.
How many smoke, drink substantial amounts of alcohol, eat a majority
of refined foods.

Why the questions? To me, there is a relationship between the pitch
and the substance. The walk and the talk. I look for it everywhere
(including in myself). Not expecting perfection, just ongoing
awareness and a concerted effort.

Just how sacred is the Extropian body in these days where we can only
extend part scientific confidence and part good ol' faith in the life
extension capabilities fashioned for immortality?