MEDIA: EXTRO 3 on Wired News

Max More (
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 08:37:29 -0700

See today's Wired News top stories section for a piece on EXTRO 3.

I never mentioned Rodney Brooks, so I don't know how he got in there,
though I'd be delighted if he *is* an extropian... Also, of course I said
"1988" not 1998", but otherwise the story is fine and may add to the

BTW, it was a great pleasure yesterday evening to have as visitors Anders
Sandberg, Henrik Ohrstrom, Felix, and Rheine, from Sweden, and Mitch Porter
from Australia. We took a walk to the Pacific and talked a lot. Those
coming to EXTRO 3 will also soon be able to match faces to long-familiar
ideas and writing style.


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