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Anton Sherwood wrote:

> : I would argue that even unconsciously clinging to the
> : anti-conspiracy meme makes one a lackey of State. [...]
> I would argue that the conspiracy meme, by denying (or distracting
> from) the results of Public Choice theory, supports the democratic
> myth that statism will be just fine when we clear the bad apples out.
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Really clearing-out bad apples constantly [those overtly or
covertly defending the special interests] by ballyhooing their
membership in Establishment funded Prestige Associations like the CFR,
etc. conspiracy style would be beneficial from a libertarian
perspective. The stability of the Statist power structure would be
disrupted, giving the private sector more opportunity to grow and
expand. However, this would require substantial growth of the
conspiracy culture. Right now, conspiracy thinking produces nothing
more than a little grumbling. Even better, the policy power of the CFR,
etc. would be undermined if attention could be focused on their real
policy agendas and agents. Their association with a policy could be the
kiss of death.

And, of course, not all conspiracy theories are equal from the
standpoint of withering the State. Nazi, Fascist, Socialist, and
Communist conspiracy theorists are certainly not my favorites, for
instance. They couch their theories in the context of their special
Statist solutions. On the other hand, there is libertarian ruling
class/conspiracy theory as promoted by the now deceased Murray Rothbard,
Sam Konkin, or me. The populist theoris aren't perfect, but aren't too
bad. Bircher theories are great on economics though often Nationalistic
and anti-personal freedom (drugs).

For instance, libertarian conspiracy theory see the "govt regulation
is good meme" as a meme spread by high order Establishment entities to
create the climate necessary for their multifarous Statist
interventions.....sophisticated conspiracy theories fight ideas as
instruments of conspiracies as much as individuals or groups. Meme
theory tells us, though, that ideas are associated with groups. Ideas,
as memes, are what create groups or cultures. The battle of ideas is
necessarily a battle of groups at the same time. However, groups can be
and often are destroyed by destroying their memes. Contrary to the
Nazis and the Catholic Church (heretic burning) groups can be destroyed
without killing the individuals involved.

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