Re: A.C. Clarke and Cryonics

Hara Ra (
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 22:53:26 -0700

Rick Knight wrote:
> To that I pose the question: what of the person who suffers
> irrecoverable amnesia, forgeting all memories of the former life
> including intimate relationships, even children. Did that "person"
> die?
IMHO, yes.

> Who know is in charge of the body of that person?
Whoever that person thinks they are.

> The reanimation notions promoted in "Fifth Element" (a person rebuilt
> from a rescued amputated arm I think) is interesting to note. Is
> consciousness embedded in every cell so that when the complete
> physiological form is re-fashioned, the brain re-establishes itself as
> the command center, taking its information from a cellular "upload"?
There was a workaround there, in that the DNA was hugely more complex
than human DNA, perhaps enough so to contain the information needed for
the avatar/heroine....

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