Hara Ra (harara@shamanics.com)
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 22:30:14 -0700

Forgive this posting, somehow went to Exi list instead of my

> David C. Harris wrote:
> >
> > Since there was a flurry of discussion about Roswell and UFO's,
> There was posted a while back on the Exi list what was purportedly the
> first
> report which lead to the Roswell mythos, and it seemed like a weather
> balloon to me...
> IMHO, Roswell is bunk. Anyone with a techbrain can think of a dozen ways
> for aliens to be already here and nobody would know..... can you spell
> nanotechnology???
> Are you going to the Extropian conference this weekend??? Or continue to
> hide in your procrastination...... (sorry about that....)

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