Re: Which Project for Hanson?

Chris Hibbert (
Tue, 05 Aug 97 20:04:00 -0700


Here are my reactions to your three proposals:

1. "incentive Contracts"

Seems pretty simple and straightforward. If you think the economics and
incentives are favorable and easy to justify, the problem in having an
effect on the real world is selling it to insurers, health providers, and
their marketers.

This may be the most connected to the health policy position you've
accepted, but it doesn't seem to provide a lot of leverage for change, and
the change you'd be pushing for isn't in a direction we care about a lot.

2. "Explaining Product Bans"

This is a fascinating area. I believe what you said when you started
exploring this idea (as I remember it); this is a path that could lead
(after many years and much work) to a well-known result with a school of
fellow researchers exploring implications. I think you could make a big
difference in the world with this one.

3. "Why do We Disagree?"

Interesting qeustion but without implication (as far as I can tell)
that push toward a freer society. My suspicion would be that you
might eventually show that people disagree because they aren't willing
to invest enough to find out where the difference in information is.
Many people are wedded to their positions and would rather keep them
than discover there isn't a right answer; that outcome would leave
them floating in a sea of uncertainty, and they prefer incorrect
certainty to any kind of uncertainty.

Good Luck,