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> Prof. Jose Gomes Filho wrote:
> > 1. It is observed that the mind of a person answers to physical
> > effects in different ways (very obvius...). And the light is a
> > physical effect. So it's natural that the minds (be of "whites"
> > (light roses) or "blacks" (browns)) react differently when seeing a
> > white or black person... It is not racism... Its just a
> > "photo-neuronal" effect...
> In dim light (such as moonlight), only the rods in our retinas are
> active. Yet there is little if any evidence of behavioral change in
> moonlight, let alone what that change may be. I sure the lunatics on
> this list will protest....
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I'll make worse. For going deeper with the scientific conclusions,
I prefer to go straight to the points, so the intellectual selection
will be done...As a matter of fact, we are talking in the teacher's
room, and not at the school yard, nor at high school, and not even
just bachelorate level... (although eventual true intelectuals are
always welcome, independently on their academic education...)
Let's go:

1) Indeed, as a scientist I know that studying the reallity of
the facts is much better than working in illusion. Even if we
want to give another option to the other... For example, I repeat
that the psychological external factor is important and lots of
blacks will love more themselves and to living when they can
make genetical skin-hair-eyes treatment...They already try to
strenght their hair...

2)About the "cultural treatment", untill I have perceived, the
"median" whites will like more to providing it when "pacients"
will be white too.. ( that is not the ideal, but being very rigid,
waiting just for the "conversion" of all to the "perfect
heavenly good", seeing the "brother" as an equal, blablabla, has
already been shown as not very efficient... from both sides...There
is necessity of real acts...) Naked truth: Help a black to feel
better: Make it white... (And we know they will like it...Michael
Jackson is right...See a picture of him before and after...and his
success) ( It seems a little joke but, ev'ry body knows, f.ex., that
Jesus was a hebrew and, very very possibly, black haired, and not so
white skinned. Even though, the first european painters of "sacred
art" made lots of pictures of a blond-haired, blue-eyed Jesus...and
Mary, angels, etc...why? Projected on the "Perfect" their notions of
perfectness... )

2)Ask, for ex ., a black woman if she wouldn't love to change her
external characteristics. I said woman, since women have dedicated
more their mind development, in media, associated to external
factors, because of the "Machist" Natural Selection and also because
they generally think a lot (just) in "grow up and marry", instead of
working and earning their money for suviving *for themselves* - by
the way it is much more interesting and... workless... isn't it?
With some exceptions, of course...

PS: Sorry and not for the girls. But the human has added an
important tool for its evolution: the conciousness of the
reality... The question for you is: Is this good or better? Really
wanna see your answers... And evolutive seriousness... Do not forget
we're here not just "Playing God...", but...being better than
such image !...

Prof. Gomes

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