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> "den Otter" <> On Sun, 3 Aug 1997 Wrote:
> >The people that stayed in Africa didn't go through this genetic and
> >memetic "cleansing", and consequently didn't evolve nearly as
> >far as their emigrated counterparts. By staying, they outsmarted
> >themselves, so to speak.
> I have heard ignorant people say that blacks must be closer to apes than
> white people because their nose looks more like an ape's. I point out that
> apes have thin lips just like white people and white's have more hair than
> blacks and their straight hair is similar to that of apes and no ape has
> anything like the kinky hair of blacks and if you shave off all that hair on
> a ape you will see a white skin. Does this mean that blacks are more highly
> evolved than whites?
> John K Clark

Indeed, if one shears the hair of a chimpanzee or an orangutan,
having "white" skin, leaving just the head's (and other...) they will
seem with lots of "white" humans... (skin funny..)
As someone said before, the main problem is really the cultural
rascism, because of the observed cultural differences between
humans: In one side, those with higher level, do not try to get
"nearer" the lower ones. In the other side, the lower levels make it
very difficult when someones uncounsciously tries to
reflect his characteristics through them, the superficial feedback
is sometimes not so good... (as a "similis similia" effect) They are
in general not educated enough and, consequently, sometimes seems not
so pleasant to live together... (for example, the first time
we hear a "rap"... I do not bear more than 1 or two minutes...even
country music is better - joking..) Anyway, these are pure
observations on what happens, but, since we are in the side of those
who can really change the things, I suppose the better way is,
parallelly, provide or contribute to the necessary cultural evolution
of the so-called "lower cultural level people". I said parallelly,
because, I even think that it will be necessary a separation of the
Homo cyber from the Homo sapiens, so the first can really evolute.
And it is no way a case of rascism, cause the spectum of people
intelectually dummy enough for perturbing the evolution of mankind is
independent of colour, money, and.. "psedo-culture..." (sometimes
very misused...)

Prof. Gomes

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